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Your Hometown Music Store

Mundt Piano and Organ Company has been in the piano repair/rebuild/refinishing business for over 100 years, starting with Carl Mundt, Sr. who was originally from Germany. We are now in the 5th generation of Mundts working in our store. Our shop is over 5000 sq. ft., with separate action work, refinishing, woodworking, and electronic departments. We have 5 full-time shop personnel all specializing in different aspects of our business. We would be happy to give you a bid on repair and/or refinishing of your piano or organ. We work on grands, uprights, consoles, spinets, players, and pump organs, as well as electric pianos, organs, and other electronic musical instruments.

A History Of Hometown Service

Mundt Piano and Organ Company's retail outlet was first opened in 1945. With a strong backround for already servicing pianos, it was an easy adjustment to jump into the business of selling pianos. Mundt has new pianos and digital keyboards, plus a large selection of used pianos including grands, uprights, and players.

Not Just Pianos, Though!

Over the years Mundt expanded into the combo business with guitars, amplifiers, sound reinforcement, percussion, organs, sheet music, and many small goods. We also feature a strong band and orchestral instrument department with the best rental policy around. From autoharps to guitars to PA speakers, Mundt has almost any musical instrument in stock you might need. If we don't stock what you're looking for, we can order for you at a very competitive price, and still give you service and support long after the sale.