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Mundt Piano offers a wide range of services for your musical instruments. Tuning/repair/moving of pianos and organs, comprehensive guitar setup/repair, and electronics repair are some of the services we offer. (prices current as of 1/2022)



In Burlington/West Burlington - $90
Out of Burlington up to 45 miles - $100
Tunings past 45 miles will be priced accordingly

Due to the likelyhood of another tuner being closer, we typically won't tune outside of this radius. Exceptions can be made if we have other work near your piano you want tuned.


Mundt staffs a professional team of piano movers for your moving needs. Since each move is different, we can't give an exact price for your move without a conversation about the situation first. Some base prices for our moves start at:

Spinet/console, in Burlington/West Burlington, 1st floor to 1st floor - $95
Upright, in Burlington/West Burlington, 1st floor to 1st floor - $120
Grand, in Burlington/West Burlington, 1st floor to 1st floor, non-player - $165 or more depending on grand length

These are base prices for moves. We bid each move based on the circumstance. Again we advise you to call and discuss your move with us.


We offer a full range of piano repair options. I advise you call to discuss the condition of your instrument. Pianos are very complex and the mirad of repair options would only confuse someone who doesn't know the inner workings of one.


Mundt has guitar techs on-staff to take care of any playing or electronic issues your instrument has. Electronics repairs are all $75/hr. plus parts. (1/2 hour minimum). All other repairs have a pricing schedule our staff would be happy to discuss with you.


Mundt offers on-site electronic organ repair and moving. Trained and experienced staff combined with comprehensive service literature will remedy any woes with your organ or guitar amp. Bring your amp/speaker/pedal/whatever to us and we can help you make music with it again.

On-Site organ/electronics calls

In Burlington/West Burlington - $85
Out of town up to 30 miles - $120
Out of town 31-45 miles - $135
Out of town 46-60 miles - $150
(Call for rates outside of this radius)

Service call rates above include 1/2 hour labor. Labor rates after that are $75/hour. Mileage is charged for out-of-town service. We charge $0.58/mile, round-trip.